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On-ground Ecological Restoration Services

At Tītoki Landcare, we offer a complete suite of operational ecological restoration services such weed management, site preparation for planting, planting, predator control and ongoing vegetation maintenance.

Protecting and enhancing our forests and wetlands through strategic on-ground ecological restoration action

Our operational team works to the philosophy of protecting the good and improving the bad. We strategically deliver on-ground ecological restoration services using methods that minimise our impact on existing indigenous fauna, habitat for indigenous fauna, and indigenous vegetation.

We work with the goal in mind of maximising ecological and biodiversity gains. This includes encouraging natural regeneration through the protection of naturally germinating seedlings.

Vegetation management

Vegetation management is our bread and butter. We are fortunate enough to help landowners, councils, companies, and community groups across Waikato, Auckland, and the Bay of Plenty manage their sites of regenerating forest and wetland.

Our primary focus as a company is to help existing areas of biodiversity and ecological value thrive. This inherently necessitates a focus on managing areas with existing indigenous vegetation to protect their value and improve their resilience.

We undertake our vegetation management using a suite of strategic management techniques and focus our time and efforts on weeds that provide the greatest threat to the growth and survival of indigenous vegetation.

Our methods are driven by experience and expert knowledge which in turn ensures incredibly positive outcomes for the indigenous vegetation and habitats that we have the privilege of helping thrive.

Predator control

From backyards to public reserves, our team has had the privilege and responsibility of managing a variety of pest control operations across Waikato and Auckland.

We have assisted councils, landowners, and community groups with managing populations of possums, rats, stoats, and mice within their forests and wetlands by using a variety of traps and baits to help indigenous fauna and flora thrive.

Our staff responsible for any predator control operations using toxic baits are certified handlers of vertebrate toxic agents.

Site preparation for planting

Site preparation involves removing the necessary weeds, rubbish, debris, and other materials from a site plus laying plants out over a site. Effective site preparation allows for efficient and safe planting and ensures plant species are planted in suitable spots.

There is often a lot of enthusiasm from members of the general public to ‘get plants in the ground’, but there is a lot more to planting than planting plants. We’ve helped various councils and landcare groups prepare for community planting days to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

If you would like help preparing your site for planting, we can help with tasks such as weed management, spraying, rubbish removal, pre-digging plant holes, and laying out plants.

Native planting

Tītoki Landcare has a team of planters led by skilled and knowledgeable restoration ecologists. We have worked with councils, landowners, and community groups to revegetate a large number of sites across Waikato and Auckland with native plants.

Our knowledgeable restoration ecologists can provide advice on species recommendations, planting zonation, and planting densities specific to your site. We are regularly working with many local nurseries and can help with sourcing the best plants for the best prices.

Effective ecological restoration requires more than one round of planting and we can provide the advice and ongoing support to help turn areas back into indigenous forests and wetlands.

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Lowry Road Wetland and Gully Restoration

Harold Catlin Reserve Restoration

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Beale St Gully Ecological Management

Seeleys Gully Weed Management

Matakanohi Reserve Ecological Rehabilitation

Mangaonua Gully Weed Management

Feel free to get in touch to talk to us about how we can help you with your ecological restoration and biodiversity management needs.