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Ecological Fauna Surveys and Monitoring

Tītoki Landcare staff are experienced in surveying and monitoring New Zealand’s fauna – both indigenous and introduced. Our team has worked with a wide range of species and fauna groups including birds, bats, lizards, frogs, fish and invertebrates and can provide services to confirm presence/absence, population estimates, and/or population trends over time.

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Bird surveys and monitoring

Our team has an abundance of experience monitoring New Zealand’s birds. We have worked with a range of threatened species such as bittern, spotless crake, kākā and NZ falcon and have undertaken various survey methods to confirm presence/absence, population estimates, and population trends. Example survey techniques include:

  • Five-minute bird counts
  • Annual species lists
  • MacKinnon lists
  • Transect counts
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Playback calls
  • Aerial photography

We can undertake bird surveys in all of New Zealand’s key habitats i.e. wetlands, forests, braided riverbeds, coastal areas, lowland grasslands, and alpine habitats.

Lizard surveys and monitoring

Tītoki Landcare staff are experienced in surveying and monitoring New Zealand’s skinks and geckos. We can undertake various survey protocols to confirm presence/absence, population estimates, and population trends and have worked with a variety of species across the Waikato and further afield in New Zealand including elegant geckos, forest geckos, copper skinks, ornate skinks, shore skinks, and southern grass skinks. Example survey techniques include:

  • Artificial cover objects
  • Pitfall traps
  • Spotlighting
  • Funnel traps
  • Tracking tunnels
  • Litter plots
  • Manual searches

Our staff are also experienced in developing and implementing lizard management plans, lizard monitoring plans, and ecological restoration specifically targeted towards protecting and enhancing local native lizard populations.

Bat surveys and monitoring

At Tītoki Landcare, we have Department of Conservation certified bat ecologists who have worked with both long-tailed and short-tailed bats in various parts of NZ. We have a depth of experience working with long-tailed bats around the Waikato for a range of purposes such as baseline monitoring, long-term monitoring and risk management during tree felling. Survey methods that we have undertaken include:

  • Acoustic bat monitoring
  • Roost watches
  • Harp trapping
  • Dusk and dawn surveys
  • Transect lines
  • Thermal imaging camera traps

Our staff have been involved in ecological restoration and management projects focused specifically on protecting and enhancing habitat for long-tailed bats and can design and implement restoration plans to protect these critically endangered native animals. We can provide long-term monitoring and analysis of bat activity, and deliver succinct reports highlighting key findings and ongoing recommendations of bat management initiatives.

Fish surveys and monitoring

The Tītoki Landcare team is experienced in undertaking surveys of local freshwater fish populations in lakes, streams, and rivers through a variety of methods including:

  • Fyke netting
  • Gee minnow traps
  • Spotlighting
  • Electrofishing
  • eDNA

Our team can also provide and implement fish management plans including fish salvage and relocation works, data analysis and reporting. We are also experienced in undertaking īnanga spawning searches along stream banks.