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Ecological Restoration Services

At Tītoki Landcare, we offer a complete suite of ecological restoration services from planning and reporting to planting and weed management. Our services are split between specialist advice (consulting services) and onsite ecological restoration (contracting services).

Operational restoration services

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable practitioners who are able to deliver rapid ecological changes across a landscape. Our onsite restoration services include:

  • Vegetation management – releasing natives, spray prep and chemical spray, stem injection, cut and paint, and more.
  • Predator control – trapping, baiting, and monitoring.
  • Site preparation – site clean-up of weeds, rubbish, and any other unwanted materials prior to native planting.
  • Native planting – source, supply, delivery, layout, and planting of native trees, shrubs, sedges, rushes, and more.

We are also happy to provide advice for complementary works such as fencing, seed collection, track construction and maintenance, sediment and erosion control, and tree management.

Professional ecological advice and training

We provide ecological consulting services to assist with the planning, decision-making, design, management, monitoring, and reporting of ecological management and restoration projects.

  • Ecological restoration and management plans
  • Ecological fauna surveys – birds, lizards, and bats
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Ecological mapping
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Funding applications
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Project management
  • Ecological training

Aldridge Road Wetland Restoration

Lowry Road Wetland and Gully Restoration

Kingsley Gully Ecological Restoration

Morrinsville River Walk Ecological Restoration

Beale St Gully Ecological Management

Seeleys Gully Weed Management

Matakanohi Reserve Ecological Rehabilitation

Mangaonua Gully Weed Management

Feel free to get in touch to talk to us about how we can help you with your ecological restoration and biodiversity management needs.