Ecological Restoration Projects

Tītoki Landcare has had the privilege of working on amazing projects across the region, helping landowners, councils, mana whenua, community groups, and businesses achieve positive biodiversity and ecological outcomes across landscapes.

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Lowry Road Wetland and Gully Restoration

Tītoki Landcare was engaged by the landowner following the completion of the enrichment planting to undertake the weed and predator control work as part of the restoration of 2.2 ha of wetland and gully embankments on their property for the purposes of an Environmental lot subdivision.

We now have an arrangement with the landowner to visit the site once a month to continue with ongoing weed management and predator control.

Matakinohi Reserve Ecological Rehabilitation

Tītoki Landcare were engaged by Hamilton City Council to undertake restorative actions within Matakinohi Reserve on the Banks of the Waikato River.

Tradescantia and ehrharta grass had become abundant within the area following the clearance of vegetation so we carried out a primary treatment before replanting the area with native plants. We’re now carrying out ongoing weed management and plant maintenance over the area.

Mangaonua Gully Weed Management

Tītoki Landcare has been assisting the Hamilton City Council and Friends of Manga O with weed management since June 2021.

Our work has primarily focussed on skirting Japanese honeysuckle of native trees, shrubs, and tree ferns but has also included clearing tracks, spraying pampas, drilling and treating privets, and more.

Morrinsville River Walk Ecological Restoration

Tītoki Landcare has helped local restoration enthusiasts and the Matamata Piako District Council improve the ecological and biodiversity values of the bush reserve along the Morrinsville River Walk.

To date, we have provided a range of services including the identification of management zones and priority actions, site preparations for community planting days, and stakeholder engagement.

Beale St Gully Ecological Management

Tītoki Landcare is managing the ecological mitigation works associated with the construction of an apartment building in Hamilton East. This includes all management works related to vegetation, bats, lizards, and birds.

The project involves restoring 3000 sqm of gully into native vegetation over the next four years and then ongoing maintenance to ensure the area continues to develop towards a high-value native forest.

Seeleys Gully Weed Management

Hamilton City Council approached Tītoki Landcare to assist with weed management in an area of Seeleys Gully planned for planting in 2022.

We have been working in the gully clearing ivy, treating privets, bear’s breeches, locust trees, spraying tradescantia and ehrharta, and more.

Wilton Road Forest Restoration

Tītoki Landcare has been working with a landowner in Tatuanui to reconstruct an area of lowland kahikatea forest on their property.

An adjacent site was subject to a channel redesign in 2020, and associated replanting of wetland vegetation. Tītoki Landcare has joined in the next phase of the project to restore the drier banks and terraces in kahikatea forest.

The landowner has the goal of having Australasian bittern inhabit the site but also to provide the first local example of such a project to other landowners in the district.

Aldridge Road Wetland Restoration

Tītoki Landcare has been working with a landowner in Hunua to restore an area of bushland on their property.

The bushland has been unmanaged for several decades but was previously planted with exotic trees. Now a canopy of exotic trees covers an understory dominated by native trees, shrubs, and ferns.

The bushland is home to multiple species of threatened native animals including kākā and NZ dabchick.

Waingaro Reserve Ecological Monitoring

Waikato District Council engaged Tītoki Landcare to undertake a round of ecological monitoring within one of their reserves to determine the ecological health of the site and estimate carbon sequestration across the reserve.

We undertook an adapted version of the Kahikatea Green Wheel assessment specific to the needs of the project. This included a standardised vegetation survey across the site, a tracking tunnel survey, and an acoustic bat survey.

Seales Road Bush Regeneration

A Morrinsville landowner engaged Tītoki Landcare to assist with guiding and facilitating the natural regeneration of native forest on their land.

We undertook an initial site assessment and provided a condition map and a list of priority actions and then facilitated primary bush regeneration works onsite with the landowner.

Kingsley Gully Ecological Restoration

The Kingsley Gully project is a collaboration with Waipā District Council, the Cambridge Tree Trust, Ngāti Koroki Kahukura, Predator Free Cambridge, and local residents.

Over 7,500 plants were planted in the gully in the late 90s and early 2000s but weeds are now a serious threat to the gully’s vegetation.

Work is being undertaken to manage the weed threat and enhance the plant community within the gully.