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About Tītoki Landcare

Tītoki Landcare have a team of qualified, experienced, and skilled restoration ecologists working to restore Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique indigenous ecosystems.

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We are driven to restore NZ’s unique biodiversity and ecosystems

New Zealand is home to an incredibly unique assemblage of plants, animals, and ecosystems. Over 80% of our native vascular plant species are found nowhere else on earth and the story is similar for our birds, bats, lizards, frogs, and invertebrates. At Tītoki Landcare, we take great pride in, and have enormous passion for, the sustainable management of our natural heritage.

Through the implementation of best practice ecological restoration methods, we aim to restore our unique indigenous ecosystems to resilient and sustainable states.

Our story

Tītoki Landcare was formed in 2021 by Waikato ecologists Adam Purcell and Nathan Smith, when it became evident that there was an opportunity to contribute to ecological restoration across the country.

We have since rapidly grown to team of more than 20 passionate, skilled, and knowledgeable ecologists and restoration practitioners with over 150 years of experience between us in ecological restoration and biodiversity management.

Our mission

New Zealand is identified as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, however, the last 200 years have seen more than 97% of many areas of New Zealand cleared of indigenous dominated ecosystems.

Our mission is to reverse this decline and contribute to the restoration of diverse and resilient indigenous-dominated ecosystems through a combination of sound science and best practice ecological restoration.

Our philosophy

A healthy environment is critical for healthy communities. We undertake our work under principles of:

  1. Best practice ecological restoration is a combination of knowledge and action.
  2. Ecological benefits are optimised by focusing restoration in high-priority areas.
  3. Restoration is collaborative with iwi, councils, landowners, community groups, and businesses.

Brady McFarlane

Waikato Operations Manager

Brady joined the Tītoki team after working as a Gully Restoration Trainee in the Mangaiti Gully in the Jobs for Nature programme. Brady has a broad range of practical skills and is learning to apply these to practical ecological restoration as he develops his ecological understanding. Brady has also volunteered with pest control projects and assisted PhD students with their fieldwork.

Prior to shifting his focus to the world of ecological restoration, Brady was a Logistics Manager for New Zealand’s leading bike shop. Outside of work, Brady is often found enjoying the forest, whether it be hiking, mountain biking, or just exploring our natural areas.

Emily Imray (BSc)

Site Supervisor

Emily is a Massey University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Environmental Science. Through her studies, she developed a passion for restoration and conservation of New Zealand’s native biodiversity and is now turning that passion to action with Tītoki Landcare. Emily joined Titoki Landcare in August 2022 as a Bush Regenerator and has since moved into a Site Supervisor role, leading our crews on a variety of restoration sites across the Waikato.

Emily is a skilled artist and in her spare time she loves working on her watercolour paintings, which are inspired by New Zealand native flora and fauna. She finds inspiration from exploring areas such as Maungatautari, Pirongia and Pukemokemoke.

Adam Purcell (MSc Hons, CERP)

Managing Director

Adam is an Ecologist with eight years of experience in restoration ecology. His background is primarily in terrestrial ecology but he has also worked and studied in the freshwater and marine ecology fields and has a Master of Science degree in wetland ecology. 

Adam first got involved with ecological restoration as a student in 2013 when he began volunteering on various community-led restoration projects around Hamilton City. He has since worked on hundreds of ecological restoration and management projects, undertaking the full breadth of tasks required for ecological restoration including pre-restoration site assessments, prioritisation of restoration actions, development of restoration plans, project management, vegetation management, pest animal control, ecological monitoring, community/stakeholder liaising, and training.

Since May 2021, he has been the Managing Director of Tītoki Landcare and was interim Operations Manager for nine months until May 2023.

Mike Paviour

Relationships Manager

Mike has worked in the conservation and natural areas management field for almost 40 years. Much of this has been spent working for the Department of Conservation, other government agencies, and Councils. He has been fortunate to have had a wide variety of experiences and worked with many threatened fauna such as kōkako, whio, kiwi, hihi, kākā, NZ dotterel, and short and long-tailed bats. He’s also been involved with whale stranding and Australian bush fires responses.

The last ten years Mike has concentrated on ecological restoration, primarily of forests and wetlands. He has vast experience with a wide range of stakeholders, environments, techniques, skills, and project sizes. He was formerly the Regional Lead for Living Water in the Waikato and manager of Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park, Hamilton’s flagship ecological restoration project.

Mike now shares his technical expertise with our operations team, assists community groups with operational work, and builds/maintains relationships with key organisations and individuals for our important and collabortive mahi.

Wiea Montemezzani (MSc)

Senior Ecologist

Wiea has 11 years’ experience working as an ecologist to the Tītoki team. Since completing a Master’s degree in Ecology and Natural Resources Management in 2011, she has worked as an ecology consultant in a wide range of fields.

Wiea has completed several Significant Natural Area (SNA) and Biodiversity inventories for both Regional and District Councils, undertaken many assessments of ecological effects, ecological significance assessments, and produced numerous ecological restoration and management plans for a variety of clients. She also has experience surveying and mapping rivers and streams.

Besides undertaking ecological assessments, Wiea has developed excellent capabilities in GIS analysis and has specialised in bio-acoustical monitoring and data analysis of threatened birds and bats.

In her spare time, you will find Wiea volunteering for a local restoration group helping with seabird monitoring and undertaking pest control, doing a range of water sports along the Raglan coast, or spending time in her garden with her adventurous toddler.

Georgia Cummings (MSc)

Senior Terrestrial Ecologist

Georgia is a terrestrial ecologist with 11 years of experience monitoring and managing native flora and fauna for projects across the North Island in particular. Georgia completed her MSc on the threatened and endemic lesser short-tailed bat in 2013. During her research, she gained considerable experience handling bats and remotely monitoring their movements using radio telemetry and automatic monitoring devices. Since completing her research, Georgia has been working as a consultant ecologist and has applied her expertise in native bats to a range of projects, varying from forest restoration projects to managing potential impacts from infrastructure developments. Georgia is also an authorised bat handler by the Department of Conservation.

Further to Georgia’s specialisation in bat ecology, she is experienced working with a variety of other terrestrial flora and fauna groups. Georgia’s varied project experience means she is highly proficient in monitoring and managing native vegetation, birds, lizards, and frogs. She has also recently taken up the role of seabird ranger for the Karioi Project in Whāingaroa / Raglan. In her spare time, Georgia enjoys surfing, tramping and spending time in Te Taiao with her son.

Tamsin McLaughlin (BSc)

Bush Regenerator

Tamsin joined Tītoki Landcare in August 2022 to begin her career in conservation after completing several online courses with the Department of Conservation. Growing up on the Hakarimata range in Waikato, Tamsin has always had a passion for our natural environment which led her to pursuing a career in conservation and ecological restoration.

Tamsin has a BSc majoring in Computer Science from the University of Waikato. She is a key member of our operational team and is involved in a range of ecological restoration projects but also manages our media and information technology.

Outside of work, she has been spending time working on weed management, and predator control on her family’s property. She also volunteers for Predator Free Hakarimata, loves spending time in nature, and is a member of the Waikato Botanical Society.

Daniel Ward

Site Supervisor

Daniel joined Tītoki Landcare in November 2021 after completing his first year of a Bachelor of Science at the University of Waikato. He continues with his studies whilst assisting us with our ecological restoration work. He is an aspiring botanist and an active member of the Waikato Botanical Society.

Daniel was raised in Hamilton and is an active member of the community. Outside of his work and studies he has assisted with volunteer predator control work as part of the Predator Free Hamilton initiative and gully restoration in Mangaiti Gully.

Dr Briar Smith (PhD)

Senior Terrestrial Ecologist

Briar is an experienced terrestrial ecologist with a broad range of skills and experience. Since completing a PhD in 2015 investigating ground wētā distribution and diversity across New Zealand, she has worked as a field botanist for the Department of Conservation and a consultant ecologist before joining the ecological restoration team at Tītoki Landcare.

Briar has extensive experience with vegetation surveying around the North Island, including forest, wetland and alpine plots and wetland delineations. She has also worked with a wide range of fauna including invertebrates, bats, Powelliphanta snails, birds, lizards, and invasive newts.

Since 2017, Briar has been restoring her own gully within the Chedworth gully system in Hamilton, and has incorporated her passion for ecological restoration into her work since joining Tītoki Landcare.

Trevor Connolly (MSc Hons)

Senior Terrestrial Ecologist

Trevor joined the Tītoki team in early 2022, bringing with him 14 years of experience, knowledge, and skills as a terrrestrial ecologist. Trevor began his ecology journey at the University of Waikato where he completed a Master’s degree and thesis on the potential reinvasion of predators through predator-proof fencing. Since completing this research, he has worked for Xcluder fencing and as a consultant ecologist.

Trevor specialises in fauna monitoring and management. He is an authorised bat handler by the Department of Conservation and is vastly experienced with the management of long-tailed bats. Trevor leads our predator control team, making sure we provide robust, well-planned predator monitoring and control programmes for our various clients.

His experience includes the management of a wide variety of ecological projects, including project management, stakeholder engagement, baseline ecological assessment and survey, restoration planning, implementation and reporting.

Bibishan Rai (PhD candidate)

Restoration Ecologist

Bibishan is in his third year of a PhD in urban forest restoration at the University of Waikato. He moved to New Zealand in 2019 for his doctoral studies which involve investigating the reassembly of belowground arthropod communities in urban forests undergoing restoration from the pioneering plant stage. Prior to his move to New Zealand, he completed a Master of Science degree in Germany, specializing in wildlife and biodiversity.

Bibishan has participated in several biodiversity and ecological restoration projects in various parts of the world. These include studying freshwater invertebrate diversity in Ireland; pollinator communities, herbivorous arthropod development, and ecological farming in Germany; ecological farming in Finland; and the effect of urbanization in plumage patterns in birds in the Netherlands.

Bibishan joined Tītoki Landcare in mid-2021 and has been involved in a variety of projects covering weed management, indigenous planting, predator control, and lizard and bat surveying.

Kate Richardson (PhD)

Senior Terrestrial Ecologist

Jessica Wilson

Special Projects / General Manager

Jess joined Tītoki in early 2022 to assist with general administrative tasks and quickly grew into a broader management role within the team. With over a decade of experience in the tourism industry and management positions in tertiary education, Jess is loving expanding her knowledge and working alongside this team of qualified, experienced, and skilled ecologists.

Born and raised in the Waikato, Jess completed a Degree in Tourism Management and ventured overseas for a few years before returning to her roots. Now residing in the Waikato and raising her young family, she has a great appreciation of what is in her own backyard.

Commitment to Tītoki Landcare’s mission, Jess passionately works with our team to contribute to the restoration of indigenous ecosystems here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

James Malone (BSc)

Bush Regenerator

James started with Titoki in July 2023, bringing with him four years of experience in conservation and biodiversity management. James is an experienced pest animal and weed control practitioner and has worked with threatened fauna such as the Australasian bittern and Hochstetter’s frog.

Semra Jasser (BSc)